The International Carp Fishing Association (ICFA) is a Europe-based organization comprised of dedicated carp anglers who support and promote carp angling on a global basis. Carp fishing is one of the most popular disciplines of freshwater angling in the world. ICFA’s mission is to protect and support the sport for the future.

ICFA serves as the leading body for credible and recognized ratification of tournaments while governing the official catch-and-release records for the common carp around the world.

Twenty-eight countries are represented by some of the most well-known names in the sport who share the passion for carp angling. An advisory board comprised of individual country representatives provides the expertise and leadership to earn ICFA the distinction as the largest carp organization of professional and amateur carp anglers in the world.


The inaugural meeting of country representatives was held in 2004 at the Carp Expo in Vienna, Austria. The high-profile and world-class anglers in attendance were – current ICFA executive director Rob Hughes (United Kingdom), Kurt Grabmayer (Austria), Ronnie DeGroote (Belgium), Phillippe Lagabbe (France), Jurgen Becker (Germany), Ardy Veltkamp (Holland), Christian Schlott (Hungary), Ilia Aizikovitch (Latvia), Przemek Sydor (Poland), Robert Raduta (Romania), Gennady Medvedev (Ukraine) and David Moore (United States of America).

Any nation recognizing the achievements of carp anglers is welcome to join this not-for-profit organization which strengths are based on open discussion of issues and events that affect our sport and industry.


ICFA – USA is under the direction of America’s ICFA country representative David Moore. Moore is a world-class carp angler who is known around the world for his knowledge of the carp scene in the United States. He is an advocate and voice for catch-and-release angling. Moore will oversee the USA records and ratifying tournaments held in the USA. Big Carp Tackle, Carp Tackle Imports and CARP Tournament Series are among the Moore’s US-based companies.

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